NOVAkILL releases ULTRAkILLER synth plugin as freeware

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Novakill has announced that its Ultrakiller synthesizer instrument for Windows is now available as freeware.

Novakill Ultrakiller
The Ultrakiller synth plug-in was previously released as album-ware.

ULTRAkILLER is NOVAkILL’s latest uber-synth.

It has two oscillators, each of which offers multiple forms of synthesis. They run through two independant multi-mode filters with multiple routing opportunities. Three envelopes, two LFO and a modulation matrix make for almost endless possibilities.

You can now download it for free.

The Ultrakiller plug-in is available for Windows VST (32-bit).

More information: Novakill / Ultrakiller


NOVAkILL releases NitrousPM

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NOVAkILL has released NitrousPM, a free virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

The NITROUS Project is a new concept that will combine three separate synths into one mega-instrument. The first stage of the project will progressively see the release of three individual instruments – NitrousPM, Nitrous PD and NitrousFM – followed by TriNitrous, which will combine all three into a single VSTi with amazing possibilities.

First up is NitrousPM, which features a new oscillator from Chris Kerry [new to us, not to him] that combines excellent sound quality with phase modulation [not full FM] and Hard Sync, for a rich, diverse sonic palette. It has a new style of Unison, offering single voice, 3 voice and 5 voice modes individually for each of the two oscillators. It is simple to use but deceptively full featured and very powerful.

NOVAkILL has also updated NEOkILLER III with a few cosmetic tweaks to the UI and a comprehensive PDF manual.

More information: NOVAkILL / NitrousPM



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NOVAkILL has released ULTRAkILLER and NEOkILLER III, two virtual synthesizer plug-ins for Windows PC.


ULTRAkILLER is our new flagship instrument, available only by purchasing our new album, I HATE GOD. It features two separate oscillators, each of which offers a choice of 3 different oscillator types – BASIC, UNISON and SPECTRAL. it also features two separate Vektor Filters with complex stereo routing options, 2 x 6-stage modulation envelopes with looping and assignable slope options, two tempo-synced LFO, a full modulation matrix, three separate distortion stages and a separate VCA Envelope [ADSR only]

NEOkILLER III is the latest in a long line of favourite killerz. The secret of it’s popularity is the super-fat Quad Oscillator from Sure, it aliases quite badly at higher frequencies [and sometimes with lots FM] but within it’s best range it sounds fantastic. This synth also features some of the latest gizmos from its big brother, ULTRAkILLER, like dual wide stereo modes and hybrid envelopes, along with a noise oscillator and lots of modulation options.

More information: NOVAkILL / Plug-ins page



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NOVAkILL has released RIPSNORTER, a virtual-analogue synth featuring Chris Kerry’s excellent Unison Oscillator, which has recently been updated to include PWM on all waveforms except Sine.

The Oscillator feeds into a multi-mode filter that provides both Low-Pass and Band-Reject (Notch) outputs at the same time. X-Pan allows for a stereo signal path, with the Low-Pass output sent to one channel and Band-Reject to the other. There are plenty of modulation options which should allow you to create a broad range of useful timbres. The UI is slightly different from others in this range, in order to fit in a more comprehensive distortion set-up.


  • Oscillator with 11 waveforms, Pulse width, PWM, Sync and drive.
  • Unison with detune and stretch.
  • ADBSSR envelope.
  • Multi-mode filter with lowpass and bandpass.
  • LFO and Sweeper, specialised LFO, designed for longer sweep-style modulation.
  • Randomator, adds a random factor to the selected parameter for each new note played.
  • Distortion effect.
  • Mod wheel to control the modulation.

RIPSNORTER is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit NOVAkILL for more information.


NOVAkILL releases BRAINkILLERv2mini and killerDELAY

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NOVAkILL has released BRAINkILLERv2mini and killerDELAY, two freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

BRAINkILLERv2mini uses a new oscillator from Chris Kerry with built-in unison, allowing for lots of voices with low CPU usage. It has a brilliant sound that makes this synth something special. For that reason we have made two versions of it, one using the standard XE UI and another using the N3 graphic style, with slider-driven envelopes. Each has different presets and both can be used together.

killerDELAY is a multi-tap delay with 6 delay lines. Each one has it’s own multi-mode filter and distortion, with a common LFO that can be used to modulate the filter cut-off. The top four delays have a maximum time of 5 seconds, the other two will run up to 10sec.

Visit NOVAkILL for more information and links to download BRAINkILLERv2mini and killerDELAY.


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