Nimbit updates Promo Tool for Facebook and Twitter

Nimbit, a PreSonus company, announced a major update to its Promo Tool for Facebook and Twitter. The Promo Tool will now boost artist sales by providing timed, automatic thank-you messages that include a product discount … read more

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Comelody intros Melodo—Community-driven browser for musical phrases

Comelody has announced the release of Melodo, the first platform for instantly browsing short musical phrases. Each musical phrase can be used to create new and exciting music by applying the musical creativity of other … read more

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Loopmasters intros Realstrings Online Loops Sequencer

Loopmasters has introduced the Realstrings Online Loops Sequencer, a web-based sequencer by Chris Savage, offering a new way to demo loops from Realstrings sample packs. The sequencer allows you to play with some of the … read more

Percussa launches AudioCubes Discussion Mailing List

Percussa has announced the launch of its AudioCubes Discussion Mailing List, a chance to discuss and learn more about the AudioCubes musical interface, and related hardware of software. A few minutes after launching it, the … read more

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Oh Drat launches Total Music Production video tutorials

Oh Drat has announced Total Music Production, 12 hours of HD music production video tutorials. OD Total Music Production is the antidote to poor quality ebooks, shaky-cam videos by amateurs, and astronomically over-priced courses from … read more

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The Loop Loft launches Live Sessions – Custom multi-track drums by Ryan Gruss

The Loop Loft has announced it is now offering Live Sessions, an online service where you can get custom drum tracks played by Ryan Gruss. Do you have a song that needs live, professional drum … read more acquires – Two Pioneers of Online Education Unite has announced it has purchased, an online software training website. The deal includes’s full catalogue, brand, and other operational assets. was founded in February of 2005 to produce and distribute online … read more

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Avid announces IBC 2012 Preview Information—Hall 7, Stand J20

Avid has announced it will demonstrate the largest range of integrated media production technology the company has ever presented at the IBC 2012 conference and exhibition for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery … read more

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Sunsine Audio launches iOS preset and sample subscription service

Sunsine Audio has announced the worlds first iOS preset and sample subscription service. This system is designed to save the customer money, and make it easier to purchase Sunsine Audio products. Additionally customers will receive … read more

Gobbler goes multi-platform – PC Client released

Gobbler has announced the release of a PC Client for its purpose-built cloud designed for digital media creators. Previously available for Mac and iOS, Gobbler is now available to more than 1.6 billion PC users … read more

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Ohm Studio announces release date, pricing + pre-orders now available

Ohm Force has announced that it will release its Ohm Studio music production software will be released by the end of October. Ohm Studio, the first full-featured DAW for real-time online music production, has been … read more

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Soundation Studio adds new SPC Drum Machine

Soundation has announced the SPC, a new drum machine for Soundation Studio. The online sequencer Soundation has just added an awesome new virtual instrument to its collection with the release of SPC, an 8 pad … read more

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PreSonus Studio One integrates Nimbit to become a complete musician’s solution

PreSonus has announced it has acquired Nimbit and integrated its technology and services into Studio One Artist, Producer, and Professional to provide a complete solution for music and audio creation, sales, and promotion. With integrated … read more

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Max Sokolov joins Guitar Master Class

Guitar Master Class has announced that talented young guitarist Max Sokolov has joined the international guitar learning site as a new instructor, introducing himself with his first lesson: Melodic Rock Soloing. At only 22 years … read more

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Ohm Studio collaborative DAW updated

Real-time collaborative digital audio workstation Ohm Studio has been updated, featuring new authorship information and a session participants list in the Inspector. Ohm Studio’s Inspector now includes authorship information and a list of session participants. … read more

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External Midi Recording now available in Soundation Studio

Online music making application Soundation Studio has added external midi recording to their rapidly growing arsenal. Now you can connect an external keyboard to one of the virtual instruments in Soundation and record directly into … read more

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Dubspot + Ableton 30 | 30 – free video lessons & trial run

Dubspot and Ableton have announced 30 days of free video lessons and trial run through June. During the entire month of June, download and activate the free Ableton Live 30-day trial, and you can enroll … read more

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Bandcontroller musical game for Chrome

Plan8 and 14islands have launched Bandcontroller, an experimental audio game for the Chrome browser. Control music and sound in Google Chrome, using your iPhone as a game controller. This is a demo showing our little … read more

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FatBeatShop launches with 20% Off Opening Sale

FatBeatShop has launched its new online service offering beats for sale. Are you an artist, rapper, singer? Are you looking for high quality beats, at affordable prices, created with attention to every detail, great sounding … read more

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g200kg WebModular browser based modular synth

g200kg has announced the WebModular, a web-based virtual modular synthesizer. g200kg’s modular synth lets you patch sounds in your browser (Firefox/Chrome supported). Modular Synhtesizer written in HTML5+Javascript. Realtime sound genearation with javascript. More information: g200kg … read more

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