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Nimbit extends Direct-To-Fan Sales and Promotion Platform

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Nimbit has announced a major update to its direct-to-fan sales and promotion platform to enable musicians around the world to sell in their local currencies.

The initial rollout, planned for May 2013, will support the following currencies: Australian Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Philippine Peso, Singapore Dollar, U.S. Dollar.

In addition to support for local currencies, Nimbit subscribers will be able to set their storefronts to display in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Support for additional currencies and storefronts in other languages will be introduced as needed to meet customer demand.

“Musicians around the world all need a way to create a supportive relationship with their fans, and that starts with the ability to sell direct,” commented Nimbit co-founder and president Phil Antoniades. “By adding local currencies and native languages to the Nimbit platform, we’re giving them a better way to do that.”

Nimbit provides the easiest way to sell and promote music, merchandise, and tickets to fans on Facebook, Twitter, and your Web site while building a supportive fan base.

  • Sell MP3s, CDs, merchandise, and event tickets through beautiful stores for Facebook and your Web site.
  • Drive sales and grow your fan base with sharable promotions for Facebook, Twitter, and email that feature music and video players, personal messages, free downloads, and discounts.
  • Get additional funding with an in-cart “tip-jar” for purchases and free downloads. One in 20 transactions on Nimbit receive support averaging $7.80.
  • Get discovered by selling music on iTunes and getting placement on Spotify.
  • Understand your fans and build your business thanks to enhanced analytics and sales reporting.

Musicians around the world are encouraged to sign up for Nimbit today. They can begin setting up their products now and will be able to switch to their native currencies and language in May, when these features are available.

At launch, the Nimbit back-end dashboard will still display in English. Plans for localization of Nimbit’s administration tools will be announced at a later date.

More information: Nimbit


MaximalSound launches VIP mastering service

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MaximalSound has announced a new VIP mastering service that is available to its loyal customers.

After creation, a VIP account can be fed with units purchased with a volume discount. The VIP offers vary by the amount of purchased units and offered bonuses.

Other benefits:

  • Using a VIP account allows simultaneous uploads.
  • A single custom page monitors the jobs progress. Downloads and purchases are also done from this custom page. No e-mail exchanges are required any more.
  • The random demo sample is extended to 60 seconds.

The algorithm has been refined to enhance the low frequencies impact while improving both fidelity and perceived volume. This treatment is shared by the regular and VIP services. The turnaround is less than one hour for both services. The render farm has been extended (x4) to ensure the growing crowd of users the best possible service.

More information: MaximalSound


Phat Mastering launches online mastering service

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Phat Mastering

Phat Mastering has launched its online mastering service, offering a quality mastering service at an affordable price.

Thanks to advances in computer software and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) technology it has become extremely easy for anyone with a laptop to start recording and making their own music. Rewind back a few years, and this was only possible for those who could afford the ridiculously rather expensive hardware that was required. Naturally, this has made the cut-throat music industry all the more competitive. A good thing right?…

With the huge amount of people creating music, it is now harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the big label owners. And let’s be honest, we all want our music to be picked up by the big boys and have it distributed worldwide.

This has forced artists and producers around the globe to make sure that their music is mixed and mastered to perfection in order to have the best chance of standing out from the competition. Whereas before sending your song to a mastering engineer was somewhat of a commodity, it has become a requirement. Label owners are used to hearing tracks that have been fully polished and mastered to perfection, and one stands at a great disadvantage in not mastering their music before distributing it. Left unmastered, even the most original and beautiful track could fail to make an impression. Quality mastering could really mean the difference between a track that is good and one that is great.

Phat Mastering

Luckily, there are a variety of options when it comes to mastering your music. You have your local studios if you’re lucky enough to live remotely close enough to one, and then you have what is known as an Online Mastering Service. These vary greatly in quality and cost. The more expensive services offer good analog mastering performed in proper studios, but unfortunately they are very expensive, especially when you need to master each one of your tracks. With most of the cheaper options you’re probably better off not mastering your music at all. Another problem is that not all mastering engineers have the experience to master certain genres. So while one engineer might do a good job on a Techno track, that same person might not cut it on a Rock song for example.

Enter Phat Mastering. This Audio Mastering Service provides quality analog mastering at extremely affordable rates. What is also unique to this service is that it boasts a network of studios and engineers each specialized in a particular genre or style of music. Therefore they guarantee that the right engineer for the job will be used and whose strengths will compliment the style of track. What you get essentially is quality audio mastering, by the right engineer, without breaking the bank.

The mastering service is available starting at $30 USD per track.

More information: Phat Mastering


Ohm Force announces Odd Nights Ohm Studio Collab Weekend

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Ohm Studio Odd Nights

Ohm Force has announced its 37th Ohm Studio Collab Weekend scheduled for March 29th, 2013.

This week, everybody will use a great synth included in Ohm Studio’s default arsenal. Participants will have the choice between different projects, each of them named after one of GForce Oddity’s presets. This particular preset will serve as a basis for the musicians in the project to build a collaboratively inspired track. Of course, switching projects during and after sessions will be possible, as easily as joining and leaving a chatroom.

Newcomers are required to download and install Ohm Studio, create an account and log in between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM (GMT). Red_Force and Jamie will be waiting for people here.

More information: Ohm Studio


Prime Loops Audio Mastering & Mixing 30% off

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Prime Loops has announced a limited time 30% discount on its Mastering & Mixing online services.

Prime Loops Audio Service

Our studio based mixing & mastering experts have all the knowledge, skills and hardware to take your tracks into stratosphere – and make your productions SLAM on any system, device or broadcast.

Prime Loops’ exclusive online mastering and mixing services mean you can finally get your tracks officialised by the industry’s finest – from anywhere in the world.

Use coupon GETTHESOUND at checkout to get 30% discount. Offer ends March 31st, 2013.

More information: Prime Loops / Audio Services


SoundCloud launches Pro & Pro Unlimited plans

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SoundCloud has introduced SoundCloud Pro, offering two new subscription plans.

SoundCloud Pro

Following the great feedback you’ve sent us over the last few months, we’re excited today to be able to give you a heads up: we’re launching brand new subscription plans. Simpler and better value, SoundCloud Pro will make it even easier for you to share your sounds and grow your audience.

Our Pro and Pro Unlimited plans will replace Premium Lite, Solo, Pro and Pro Plus. Easier to use, they offer more upload minutes for your money, plus access to the tools that matter the most to you.

We really appreciate all of you who’ve already been using Premium to share your sounds, making such a huge contribution to the SoundCloud community. If you’re already a Premium subscriber, you can now upgrade your account to Pro at no extra cost.

SoundCloud Pro (post 4 hours of sound) is available at 3 EUR/month or 29 EUR/year, SoundCloud Pro Unlimited (post unlimited sound) is 9 EUR/Month or 99 EUR/year.

More information: SoundCloud

comment launches Live 9 training videos

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macProVideo Live 9 training videos has announced the release of several new Live 9 training videos.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes with our partners at Ableton to create the world’s largest and most comprehensive selection of Live 9 training.

Starting today, our Live 9 courses are hitting the Library, and there will be close to a dozen new titles released in the next month, so stay tuned.

Ableton 9 training videos

  • Live 9 100 – What’s New In Live 9
    Live 9 is here and so is our FREE “What’s New” course. Hang out with GW Childs and see the cool new features in Ableton’s latest DAW masterpiece…
  • Live 9 101 – Go Live With Live 9
    There’s a reason why Ableton calls it “Live”. Dive into this course and get all the inspiration you need to go live with Live 9…
  • Live 9 404 – Producing Techno and House
    Join producer and Certified Trainer Noah Pred on a production journey as he creates a House & Techno track from start to finish in just two hours with Live 9! Come along for the ride…
  • Live 9 405 – DJing Techno and House
    The future of DJing is here! House & Techno producer Noah Pred shows you all the ins and outs in this DJ-centric Live 9 course…

The videos are now available to subscribers.

More information: