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Wallander Instruments releases NotePerformer for Sibelius


Wallander Instruments has announced the release of NotePerformer for Sibelius, an orchestral sound library that turns written score into an expressive musical performance, without user intervention.

NotePerformer replaces the built-in sounds in the world’s best selling music notation software, Avid’s Sibelius, with its own playback engine and sounds.

NotePerformer introduces a dramatic improvement on existing MIDI playback technologies, by reading ahead in the score during playback, analyzing the music, and rendering the music as an expressive musical performance instead of processing it note-by-note. This allows an accurate reproduction of the written music, with realistic musical phrasing for every single member of your virtual orchestra.

Composers, orchestrators, musicians and students of music can now enjoy the benefits of highly realistic orchestral playback in their notation program. NotePerformer playback is even accurate enough for producing a high-quality orchestral mock-up of a score, directly from notation program playback.

NotePerformer is available to purchase for $129 USD.

More information: NotePerformer


Wallander Instruments WI Guitar, music app for iPhone & iPad

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Wallander Instruments WI Guitar

Wallander Instruments has announced the release of WI Guitar, the first truly playable virtual acoustic guitar app for iOS.

Based on revolutionary patent-pending sample technology, WI Guitar has the dynamics and expressiveness of a real steel-stringed guitar, in high-quality stereo.

Unlike traditional guitar apps, in WI Guitar you can strum chords or pluck notes just as softly or as hardly as you like, with ultra-realism. Hooked up to loudspeakers, WI Guitar is the perfect replacement for a real guitar at the party, or even in a band. Use headphones to play your favorite songs on the guitar, or write songs, on the way to work, on the airplane and everywhere else.

WI Guitar is available to purchase for $19.99 USD. A free version with fewer chord options is also available.

More information: Wallander Instruments / WI Guitar


Wallander Instruments releases Wivi Band – The Virtual Instrument

Wallander Instruments Wivi Band

Wallander Instruments has announced the release of Wivi Band – The Virtual Instrument, a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Following the success of Wivi Band for iPhone, with over 100,000 downloads in the iTunes App Store, Wallander Instruments now presents its latest software instrument: Wivi Band – The Virtual Instrument.

Wivi Band for Mac/PC is an easy-to-use, low-cost yet powerful software instrument, dedicated to wind instruments. It includes 10 modelled brasses and woodwinds (trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, tenor saxophone and soprano recorder). All instruments can be played solo or in sections of up to 8 players with automatic divisi.

The sound engine behind Wivi Band is the same high-quality engine used to power the world-renowned synthesis/modeling software WIVI, but the instruments are wrapped behind an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with only the features you need, right where you need them. The software loads super-fast, and all instruments have fluent, continuous dynamics that can be controlled using the mod wheel, an expression pedal or even performed with a breath controller.

Wivi Band is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for $149 USD.

More information: Wallander Instruments


Wallander Instruments releases Orchestral & Band Brass and Woodwinds & Saxophones

Wallander Instruments Orchestral & Band Brass

Wallander Instruments has announced the release of Orchestral & Band Brass and Woodwinds & Saxophones, two new Standard Edition Collections.

Orchestral & Band Brass is our most extensive collection of brasswinds to date. It contains 64 modelled instruments, with mutes making up a total of 171 models.

The Woodwinds & Saxophones collection contains 105 modelled woodwinds, saxophones and recorders. Including the NEW recorder range and a selection of bonus instruments, such as Bassett Horns and Classical & Baroque Bassoons.

Both bundles include the WIVI Standard Edition for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS).

Orchestral & Band Brass is available to purchase for $499 USD, Woodwinds & Saxophones is $399 USD. Various upgrades are available to registered WIVI users.

More information: Wallander Instruments


Wallander Instruments updates WIVI to v2.30

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Wallander WIVI

Wallander Instruments has released version 2.30 of Wallander Instruments Visual Instruments (WIVI), a collection of virtual instruments that combine advanced behavioral modeling with extensive amounts of sound data extracted from acoustic measurements and recordings of real instruments.

Changes in WIVI v2.30

  • Section Builder for instruments. This window now appears when clicking the ‘+’ button to add instruments, and allows for adding sections easily. Groups of instruments added through the Section Builder (pictured below) are automatically configured with polyphonic mode, timing differences and orchestral positioning.
  • All instruments have undergone tonal and behavioral improvements, in particular the saxophones, for which many instruments have been remade from scratch from new recordings. To update to the new player you must also download new instruments.
  • Shift + mousewheel can now be used for setting parameter values/turning knobs.
  • Overblow mode for saxophones added.
  • Improved reverb presets (environments). There is now also a low damping parameter for reverbs.
  • Smart release. This is an innovative feature which automatically analyzes the performance and changes the note release time, so that even crude performances sound realistic. When adding a new instrument to stage in v2.30, the instrument will use this mode by default. Old projects are not affected.
  • New breath noise parameters. Shimmer (level fluctuations), jitter (pitch fluctuations) and modulation (changes the character of the noise).
  • The most popular parameters have been moved to the General Settings panel, and some less often used parameters have also been moved from this panel. You will find that the most important features are readily accessible now, including mutes, polyphonic mode, ADSR, EQ, randomize timing and key switches.
  • New “width” instrument mixer parameter. This feature overrides the binaural stereo width of the instrument.
  • Wah-wah CC is now the Timbre CC.
  • Run out of breath, new ADSR parameter. This shortens the envelope time when playing at higher dynamics. Produces a more natural envelope at high dynamics, while preserving the possibility of playing longer notes at softer dynamics.
  • Easy input device editor for easily choosing input device. You can now also use a combination of two controllers for dynamics. The new default mode is Modulation Wheel + Velocity because it turned out to be a very successful way of controlling WIVI without a breath controller.
  • Faster loading times on some systems.
  • WIVI now responds to a number of key events. You can use +/- for quickly adding instruments, R for resetting a parameter value (you must hover its display with the mouse) and the numeric keypad for changing parameter values (Num Lock must be activated). You can also enter instrument names using the keyboard. Please note that you may have to click inside the WIVI window to activate this, when going between windows. Also, some hosts may not allow key events for plug-ins.
  • Merge/split instruments is a new grouping feature, and allows more than one instrument to share the same stage instrument. This cleans up the stage when working with duplicate instruments for keyswitches. You switch between your merged instruments by clicking repeatedly on the shown instrument.
  • New reverb parameter, Ear distance. This is for advanced users only, and allows you to set the binaural width on sound layer level, without breaking panning.
  • Some minor bugfixes.

WIVI 2.30 for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is now available to download for registered users.

More information: Wallander Instruments


Wallander Instruments releases WIVI Band

Wallander Instruments WIVI Band

Wallander Instruments has released WIVI Band, an application for musical performance, running on the iPhone using the microphone as a wind controller, and an easy-to-learn piano fingering with 5-octave range.

WIVI is normally used by artists, composers and producers for everything from radio hits to Hollywood blockbusters. Now you can also enjoy the same expressive musical instruments which the professionals have had access to for years.

WIVI Band includes 15 expressive musical instruments: Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon and Contrabassoon.

WIVI Band is available through the iPhone App Store for $10 USD.

Visit Wallander Instruments for more information.


Wallander Instruments releases Saxophones 1 & 2

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Wallander Instruments has released Saxophones 1 & 2, two WIVI powered instrument collections.

Wallander Instruments Saxophones 1

Saxophones 1 includes the four most popular saxophone types of our day, the soprano, the alto, the tenor and the baritone.

The tenor is arguably the most popular and well-recognized saxophone of our day, along with the more soft-spoken alto. In saxophone quartets, the tenor regularly plays the most prominent role due to its distinct tone.

Saxophones 1 features

  • Soprano Saxophones 1-3
  • Alto Saxophones 1-3
  • Tenor Saxophones 1-3
  • Baritone Saxophones 1-3
Wallander Instruments Saxophones 2

Saxophones 2 is a collection which extends the range of the saxophone family with the sopraninos and bass saxophones.

Due to the 1929 Wall Street financial crash, the once so popular C melody, mezzo-soprano and C soprano saxophones were dropped from production. These once so popular non-transposing instruments virtually disappeared by a cruel twist of fate.

Nonetheless, these instruments have a unique voice of their own. Hidden gems in this collection is the edgy mezzo-soprano, and the C melody – a driving force in the 1920s, closely related to today’s tenor.

Saxophones 2 features

  • Sopranino Saxophones 1-3
  • C Soprano Saxophones 1-3
  • F Mezzo-soprano Saxophones 1-3
  • C Melody Saxophones 1-3
  • Bass Saxophones 1-3

Saxophones 1 is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for 299 EUR. Saxophones 2 costs 219 EUR.

Visit Wallander Instruments for more information and audio demos.