Downloads hosts several plug-ins which are conveniently listed below. If you are a developer and you need a place for your plug-ins don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Donations are much appreciated.

Developer Description
DSK various instruments (Brass, Strings, etc.)
DtBlkFx a Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) effect plug-in
Float Crush new type of bitcrusher effect
FoolPlugMini instrument with sound of blowing on bottles
Fretted Synth various instrument and effect plug-ins
GenMce generic Midi controller to Mackie control emulator
Grymmjack Skins and GUI source files for Fuzzpilz Oatmeal.
Liquidclear VST effect and instrument plug-ins for Windows.
Little critters instrument with sounds of bugs
Lost Technology transforms sounds by taking them apart and then putting them together in a different way
Makunouchi Bento various instruments and effects
Matthew Lindsay NCL EQ & NCL Phase EQ, and NCL Basic Soft Clipper effect plug-ins for PC
Nix Plugs various VST effects and instruments made with Flowstone
O’Malley Sound various vst instruments
Osiris Cymbiant a freeware 8 voice polyphonic analog emulation
ROM-500 and Unify SF2 player and hardknee compressor
Ronald Passion bass and guitar preamp (no cab), and equalizer effects
Sweetboy collection of effect plug-ins
Terry West various vst effects
Thaw phase vocoder effect for static and drone sounds
Wiz ARPocalypse 8 step rhythmic pattern generator VST effect

The plug-ins below are listed by latest update, so most recently added plug-ins are at the top.

Nix plugins

Nick Johnstone (aka Phonics/nix808) has created several freeware plug-ins with Flowstone.

Phonics Shifter
Phonics Shifter
  • 4 Kicks, bass drum synthesizer.
  • freQ, Q8 parametric EQ with phase and fft display.
  • Mono2Stereo, utility to route channels.
  • Sync, recorder VSTfx.
  • Wave Mechanic, multi-effect with full-featured filter section.
  • Tripper, auto-filter.
  • Dream Sequence, MIDI sequencer.

More information: Nix plugins


Liquidclear VST Plug-ins

Liquidclear has released a number of VST effect and instrument plug-ins for Windows.

Liquidclear Transilient VST
Liquidclear Transilient

Since the original website is no longer available you can now download Tremoloid, Rectiplyer, Klapp One, Transilient, and Flux Interrupter from

More information: Liquidclear VST Plug-ins


Matthew Lindsay NCL EQ / NCL Phase EQ / NCL Basic Soft Clipper

NCL EQ is a freeware 10-band parametric equalizer VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Matthew Lindsay NCL EQ
Matthew Lindsay NCL EQ

It was designed to be clean, precise and to minimise digital artifacts such as frequency warping. Uses include mixing, tracking, and mastering.

NCL Phase EQ is a high quality six band stereo equalizer which allows simultaneous left/right and mid/side processing.

Phase EQ has been designed to be both powerful and flexible yet easy to use. Controls and parameters have been set up to steer users in the right direction without being restrictive in function.

NCL Basic Soft Clipper is a free soft clipper effect plug-in with Brickwall Limiter and HQ (oversampling).

More information: NCL EQ / NCL Phase EQ / NCL Basic Soft Clipper


Fretted Synth

Joseph DeHelian of Fretted Synth Audio has released numerous free plug-ins in the last several years. Guitar amp sims, virtual synthesizers, audio triggered plug-ins, sample players, and lots more.

Since Joseph currently doesn’t have a website to host his work you can now download his plug-ins from

More information: Fretted Synth


Lost Technology

Lost Technology by Johan Sarge is a free VST plug-in that transforms sounds by taking them apart and then putting them together in a different way.

Lost Technology
Johan Sarge’s Lost Technology

The Analyzer components split the input signals into amplitude, frequency and waveform (harmonic content) sub-signals. The Modulator components combine sub-signals (and audio signals) in various ways. The Synthesizer components merge one sub-signal of each type into a new audio signal.

More information: Lost Technology



DSK has released several freeware instruments created with SynthEdit and SynthMaker, including various romplers (Synthopia 2, ElectriK GuitarZ, Virtuoso, Brass, Strings, DrumZ Series plug-ins, Asian DreamZ, etc.) and synths (Darkness Theory, OranZe, SixSenZe, etc.)

DSK mini DrumZ 2
DSK Music mini DrumZ 2

More information: DSK VSTi



ARPocalypse by Wiz is an 8 step rhythmic pattern generator VST effect for Windows PC.

Wiz ARPocalypse

Simply put it takes chords of up to six notes and plays them in a predefined sequence in sync with your sequencer.

More information: ARPocalypse


Ronald Passion effect plug-ins

Ronald is offering various freeware VST effect plug-ins.

Ronald Passion White Magnum
Ronald Passion White Magnum
  • Crunch Passion, a dual guitar preamp (Clean & Crunch)
  • Slap Passion, a tube bass preamp.
  • Equalizer Passion, a virtual analog equalizer effect.
  • Digital Parametric Equalizer, a digital equalizer effect.
  • Blue Channel, a digital tube channel plug-in.
  • Massive Passive EQ, a mastering equalizer.
  • Master EQ, a tube equalizer for mastering.
  • Bad Vox, a tube equalizer effect for vocals.
  • Silver Magnum & White Magnum, two analog valve custom parametric equalizer effects.

More information: Ronald Passion


Osiris Cymbiant

Cymbiant is a wonderful 8 voice polyphonic analog emulation by Osiris (James Jones).

Osiris Cymbiant 2.0
Osiris Cymbiant

This synth features 2 Morphable Oscillators, and is capable of fat SuperSaw sounds.

More information: Cymbiant



DtBlkFx by Darrell Barrell is a Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) based multi effect plug-in.

Darrell Barrell DtBlkFx v1.1 (Windows)
Darrell Barrell DtBlkFx

More information: DtBlkFx


Terry West

Terry West has released some freeware VST effect plugins. Downloads include mono and stereo versions.

Terry West Gold Pro v1.4
Terry West Gold Pro

Update: Terry now has a website up with all his plug-ins, so check that for to be sure to have the latest versions. I will try to mirror them here.

More information: Terry West


O’Malley Sound

O’Malley Sound released 5 VSTi plugins a few years ago: 2 subtractive, 1 FM, 1 SF2 player, and 1 helicopter synth.

O'Malley Dragonfly v1.0
O’Malley Dragonfly

More information: O’Malley Sound VSTi



Kip Chatterson has created a generic midi controller to Mackie control emulator.

Kip Chatterson GenMce v1.63
Kip Chatterson GenMce

Let your midi controller act like a Mackie Control Universal for near mouse free surface control of your DAW software.

Note: GenMce now has a dedicated website.

More information: GenMce


Float Crush

Float Crush by CamSR/ArkeCode is a new type of bitcrusher exploiting the nature of the floating point unit.

CamSR/ArkeCode Float Crush
CamSR/ArkeCode Float Crush

It offers something the regular bitcrusher can’t; a dual flavor distortion.

More information: Float Crush


ROM-500 and Unify

Marcus Clef released 2 plug-ins in august 2006. The original download locations are not available anymore, so you can now get them from

Marcus Clef ROM-500
Marcus Clef ROM-500
  • ROM-500 is a SF2 player that uses MIDI files to play custom loops.
  • Unify is a hardknee compressor including a 6 bands post-compression coloration tool which acts like an EQ but on fixed frequencies with limited gain range.

More information: ROM-500 / Unify


Makunouchi Bento plug-ins

These (and more) Makunouchi Bento plug-ins are also available from their website, so check that place as well.

Makunouchi Bento Hiccup v0.9 Beta
Makunouchi Bento Hiccup by waka x
  • Makunouchi Bento Hiccup (last update 28 feb 2007) provides simple smooth humanized stutter / audio retriggering.
  • Makunouchi Bento Organg (last update 05 oct 2006) is an electronic (transistor) organ that sounds a bit “broken”.
  • Rorgang (last update 10 oct 2006) is basically like Organg, but with the addition of resonant filters to achieve more tones.
  • Makunouchi Bento plug-in pack (last update: 08 sep 2006) is a collection of FSU effects including statiq, Mouse Family, Limun Shaper, radio Gloria and eLEKT.

More information: Makunouchi Bento


Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal

Grymmjack created a wonderful skin for Fuzzpilz’ Oatmeal. Originally starting out in a “Maple and Brown-Sugar” color scheme, there are now a whole bunch of skins available.

Oatmeal skin by Grymmjack
Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal

If you still want other colors you can download the Photoshop source files and create your own skin! Both the skins and source files are included in the download.

More information: Grymmjack Oatmeal skins


Thaw VST v0.1

Thaw by Cormac Daly is a VST plug-in for the creation and manipulation of static and drone sounds using the phase vocoder.

Thaw (in Cubase)
Cormac Daly Thaw

Thaw was created as part of a Masters in Music Technology academic project.

More information: Thaw


Sweetboy VST

Sweetboy’s VST plug-ins are available in a total of 6 downloads.

Sweetboy SH-1 Delay
Sweetboy SH-1 Delay
  • SH-1 – Graphic EQ, Delay, LFO Multi, Reverb, PhaseShifter, Chorus (Chorus/Flanger), Filter (Lo-Hi Pass Filter).
  • Glacier (LinEQ020) – Linear Phase EQ.
  • RDR – Refined Digital Resolution (dither).
  • S and S VSTFX Pack – SampleSlider, StereoStretcher, SFilter, SDynamics, SonicChorus, SLFO.
  • T-SLEDGE – Multi-band compressor for mastering.
  • Volcano – Peak limiter and level maximizer.

More information: Sweetboy VST


Little critters (v0.22)

Little critters is a VSTi that has eight different sounds of insects, which can be mixed and manipulated. Little critters VSTi Little Critters

This plugin is useful for adding some creepy sounds to your projects!

More information: Little Critters



FoolPlugMini by IK is a VSTi that can resemble the sound of blowing on bottles.

IK FoolPlugMini
IK FoolPlugMini

More information: FoolPlugMini

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    I have developed a stand alone app that is in early Beta stages. I have included a link which will allow you to download it and instructions on how to use it, you may find it useful.
    it allows for some very interesting polyphonic granulation and I have had some great results.
    hope you may find it useful. I would really appreciate feedback since I have the proof of concept working and will be going into real development shortly.
    it is free and will always be free to hope you like it.
    please leave your notes on the message board attached to the software page on my blog this way I can see your requests and concerns all in one place,

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    wait.. now i will checkitout:)
    its called Dr. SB Invictus v. 1.31.ens !!
    Check it out, maybe you will like it. it is free release from Dr. Speaker Blower from!!!
    Even reesebass sounds quite refreshing, for more electronic oriented DNB:)
    Man, you rule:)
    I wish all the best to You and to all other ppl joinining in this rekkerd crowd!! WE ROX!:D

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    Not the greatest english but I hope you understood.

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    Really nice site you have here, im just wondering are these samples here under any license or can i use them like i want?

    rekkerd sound recordings vol 1


  • ronnie

    Hi Chris, you can use them any way you want except commercially. Check the samples page for details and feel free to contact me if you need additional info.

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  • ronnie

    Hi Dee, I’m afraid there aren’t many free Mac plug-ins hosted here, only the DtBlkFx effect has a Mac VST version.

    You can find links to many freeware AU plug-ins on the site though, try this page:

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    @Moe, I removed the link since I will no longer be updating the patches section. You can still access the page here.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • ronnie

    Hi Leonardo,
    I don’t speak Spanish but luckily Google Translate does. What kind of help do you need? I understand you are looking for some kind of tutorial, but this is not the place for that…

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    Whenever i drop the wah into a chain, i get this horrific noise.
    DAW and PC spec:-

    FL Studio 9,
    Win7, 64 Bit, AMD Athlon2 x3 425 processor, 2.70Ghz, 3.00 GB Ram.

    Thanks for the program, guys.


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    I am using Ableton 8 lite. Will these work with it or do I need a separate VST host? THANKS.

  • ronnie

    @Sumit, no vocals samples I’m afraid. Sorry!

    @Ron, you can use up to 4 instrument plugins, plus up to 4 effect plugins with Live 8 lite. Note that most plug-ins offered at rekkerd are for Windows only though.

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    • Ronnie

      The downloads need to be unzipped, then place the .dll in your plugins folder. The FL Studio manual explains how/where to do this. Then refresh the plugins list and you can select the new plugins in FL Studio.

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      Follow the links on the top of the page (loops & samples, patches, plugins) and click the red links on those pages to download.

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    thanks a lot of ronnie!!!really thanks!!!can u say to me some good vst(of yours vst) for trance music?(i appriciate if you answer again and quickly if you can) and thanks ronnie…

    • Ronnie

      Some good synths to check are SuperWave P8, Synth1, Charlatan, TAL-U-NO-62, Tyrell N6. You can find all the download links at Bedroom Producers Blog. Make sure to check that site for more lists of free VST plugin, very useful.

  • giakumis

    one more question ronnie.the vst plugin what is?i didn’t understand yet.

    • Ronnie

      VST = virtual studio technology. A VST plug-in is a virtual instrument or effect that can be used with software that support the standard (VST host). You can read more about it at

      • Sengsian Tan

        why is it not working in Ableton? What software do you use to run it?

        • Ronnie

          Any VST host will do. Ableton can host VST plugins, but note that most of the downloads found at rekkerd are Windows VST only, so if you’re using Ableton on Mac that might be the problem.

          • Sengsian Tan

            I am using windows and I have installed it, but there is only a ‘Kong Audio Qin Library’, there is no plugin in the folder. What’s wrong with that?

          • Ronnie

            Now you’ve lost me, not sure what Kong Audio’s Qin has to do with the downloads at rekkerd… It’s better you contact me at if you need more help.

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    • Ronnie

      Not sure, there are plenty of books but I wouldn’t know which ones are any good. I learned by doing and checking for advice/tutorials on specific production techniques around the web.

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      They’re all commercial, except Togu Audio Line’s U-NO-LX. You can download that at

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      No problem. The plugins on that list are not free, unfortunately.

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      All plug-ins listed here are free to download.