Loops and samples

On this page you will find a collection of free audio loops and samples. Please read the terms below before downloading.

The rekkerd.org free samples are released under the Creative Commons BY license.

You are free to use the samples in any musical context i.e. songs, remixes, soundtracks, etc. (including commercial projects) as long as rekkerd.org is credited for the samples used.

In case of commercial use or redistribution, please contact me to discuss the way the samples will be attributed. You are not allowed to sell any or all of the samples as a sample pack, on a sample CD or any other way.

Note: this license is non-exclusive and the above conditions can be waived after permission from me (e.g. in case you don’t want to attribute the samples).

Still have questions? Just contact me.

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The archive

The archive below includes all samples by me. If you have downloaded some samples from rekkerd.org before, or you just want to see what kind of sounds I’m offering here, you should probably scroll down a bit and get the separate downloads instead.

Note: the archive is pretty big so it may take a while to download.

rekkerd sample archive ~1.40 GB – last updated: November 19th, 2013

At the bottom of this page you’ll also find some samples by other contributors. These are NOT included in the archive download.

You can listen to some of the samples included in the rekkerd sample archive on SoundCloud.

Separate downloads

Click the on the titles below to download the .wav files in 16-bit or 24-bit, 44kHz Stereo.

Title Description Date
rekkerd music production contest pack 2013/11
34.8 MB download
16 loops (24bit/44kHz .wav format) created for the November 2013 music production contest. Details here. 11/19
rekkerd sample remix pack 2013/03
57.4 MB download
115 single shot samples (24bit/44kHz .wav format) created for the March 2013 sample remix contest. Details here. 03/01
rekkerd sound recordings vol 2
27.4 MB download
90 samples + 8 loops (24bit/44kHz .wav format) recorded with a Zoom H2. Lo-fi sounds from everyday objects. Details here. 04/26
Expectations contest sample pack
84.82 MB download
120 loops and samples (24bit/44kHz .wav format) created for a “sample remix” music production contest. Details at the contest page here. Noizefield made some Kontakt instruments with a few of the samples, get those here. 12/22
rekkerd Dune Spiceflow
42.3 MB download
12 loops (24bit/44kHz .wav format) created with the Dune Spiceflow soundset from Waveformless Soundware. Details at the review here. 06/08
Moving contest sample pack
47.9 MB download
24 loops (24bit/44kHz .wav format) released as part of the “Moving” music production contest. Includes both melodic loops and beats. More info here. 02/22
rekkerd ACE Animated
54.3 MB download
15 loops (24bit/44kHz .wav format) created with sounds from the TeamDNR Ace.Animated soundset for u-he ACE. More info here. 12/27
Music Contest Autumn 2010 Sample Pack
51.6 MB download
24 loops (24bit/44kHz .wav format). Mostly melodic and some beats. More info here. 10/18
Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack
3.85 MB download
65 kick drum samples captured from an analog synthesizer. Samples were processed with some effects and manually edited. (24bit/44.1kHz, mono wav format). More info here. 07/22
Sample Remix Contest sample pack April 2010
76.8 MB download
32 samples (24bit/44.1kHz) including beats and melodic loops. These were released as part of a Sample Remix Contest. More info here. 04/09
rekkerd mixed bag vol.2
89.5 MB download
26 samples (24bit/44.1kHz) including beats, bass and synth melodies. More info here. 10/10
rekkerd mixed bag vol.1
85.9 MB download
34 samples (24bit/44.1kHz) including beats, melodies and sound fx. More info here. 05/18
rekkerd sound recordings vol 1
19.2 MB download
85 samples of sounds I recorded around the house (19.1MB). Includes glass hits, keys, bells, vases, and lots more. More info here. 01/02
rekkerd free loops 10
70.8 MB download
48 loops (24bit stereo .wav) — beats, melodies and what not! More info here. 12/29
rekkerd ekit pack
7.6 MB download
12 loops (24bit stereo .wav) and the 48 single shot sounds (16bit mono .wav) the loops were made with. More info here. 09/17
Sample Remix Contest samplepack
54.2 MB download
100+ loops and single shot samples (84MB uncompressed, 24bit mono &stereo .wav) released for the Sample Remix Contest.
Read all about the contest here.
rekkerd free loops 09
30.3 MB download
20 loops (30.3MB), simple beats with a glitchy edge. Check here for more info. 05/02
R-Beats Volume 1
131.6 MB download
340 original beats (163MB), suitable for various electronic music styles i.e. house, techno, idm, hiphop, etc. Check here for more info. 03/13
no-kick pack vol. 1
3.67 MB download
16 loops (3.6MB), loops without kick/bass drum sounds. Check here for more info. 03/10
one sequence
26.8 MB download
10 loops (26.7MB), all melodic loops from the same sequence. Check here for more info. 01/22
rekkerd free loops 08
47.6 MB download
14 loops (47.6MB), melodic loops. Check here for more info. 12/24
rekkerd free loops 07
15.9 MB download
16 loops (15.9MB), distorted beats (some subtle and not so subtle effects). 11/16
rekkerd free loops 06
75.0 MB download
42 loops (83.6MB), beats and melodies. From guitar sounds to lush dreamy sequences, glitch to d&b and more… 10/13
MR 9999 – Brick Game 9999 in 1 samples
2.0 MB download
16 samples, in 16-bit, 44Khz mono PCM wav format. More info here 09/22
rekkerd free loops 05
100.0 MB download
52 loops (114MB), all kinds of beats, from lounge to glitch, house to drum & bass. 08/28
rekkerd free loops 04
16.9 MB download
15 loops (16.9MB), melodic loops, some of which should go together quite well. Check the mp3 sample of 3 of these loops here. 07/12
July 2007 pack
16.1 MB download
32 loops (16.1MB), 4 beats with variations and fx.
Check a mp3 sample of 4 beats here.
rekkerd loops archive
91.0 MB download
93 loops (91MB), this pack includes samples that were previously posted as individual files. Beats, melodies and more. 06/20
rekkerd free loops 03
13.6 MB download
7 loops from some of my older works (13.6MB)
(previews of individual loops available here).
rekkerd free loops 02
11.6 MB download
8 melodic loops (11.7MB)
(individual loops available here).
rekkerd free loops 01
6.8 MB download
10 beats in a pack (7MB)
(individual loops available here).

Other contributors

These samples are not included in any of the downloads above, so make sure to check these as well for some excellent free loops and samples.

Title Description Date
Midi Error FM Synths
39.3 MB download
Created on 3 classic FM synths, midierror resurrects the sounds of the 1980s before contorting their descent into the sound systems of 2015. More info here. 05/22
Prism House Samples Vol.4
39.3 MB download
The fourth volume of found sounds recorded by Brian Wenner of Brooklyn-based duo Prism Sound. More info here. 12/04
Prism House Samples Vol.3
51.5 MB download
The third volume of found sounds recorded by Brian Wenner of Prism Sound. More info here. 05/07
Fiea Rec Samplebank 001
295 MB download
A collection 389 loops and samples by Olivier Sonnenberg. More info here. 04/22
Codec_Spurt Sacrificial Loops
292 MB download
Codec_Spurt offers an assorted pack of samples. 490 MB of beats, guitar, bass, vocals & other sounds. More info here. 04/18
Prism House Samples Vol.2
48.6 MB download
Another collection of 80 found sounds recorded by Brian Wenner of Prism Sound. More info here. 12/06
Prism House Samples Vol.1
54.7 MB download
Collection of 80 found sounds recorded by Brian Wenner of Prism Sound. More info here. 07/18
Freon Surfer FZ
6.8 MB download
8 drum sounds resampled with the Casio FZ-20m by Carl Löfgren. Total of 24 individual Wav samples (16bit/44.1kHz mono) + instrument patches for Kontakt, Maschine & Geist. More info here. 07/17
SampleScience Original Breakbeat Pack Vol.1 (updated) 50 loops by SampleScience. These beats have been created using various softwares drum synths, synthesizers & original recordings of percussive instrumensts. More info here. Original (outdated) pack here. 04/06
MyOSS Dirty Kit
1.4 MB download
60 samples from the MBF-522 drum synthesizer in 44.1kHz/16bit WAV format, by Timur Arynov. More info here. 12/30
Jackie FX Bank
44.8 MB download
81 samples (16bit/44.1khz) by Jacek Majer, mostly fx type sounds. More info here. 04/20
Disko Unkle Deep Kicks
1.5 MB download
Collection of 30 kicks for electronic music by Fahad Anjum. Details and audio preview here. 04/06
Wave Alchemy sample packs Various free sample packs from Wave Alchemy. Includes drum machine sounds, sound fx, and more. Download links here. 09/02
NSA Custom Series Drumkit
53.9 MB download
Collection of 777 acoustic drum samples by Dean/”Nekro”, in 16-bit/44kHz .wav format (54.9MB). More information and audio previews here. 09/02
DNB Competition Sample Pack
88.2 MB download
Exclusive drum and bass loops and samples (88.2MB) by Producer Loops for a music production contest at rekkerd. Check here for more info. 06/12
REKKERD Loops – C_S_02
71.4 MB download
57 loops (71.4MB), samples by Codec_Spurt. 24bit/44kHz beats and melodic loops. Check here for more info. 03/15
REKKERD Loops – C_S_01
31.6 MB download
32 loops (31.5MB), samples by Codec_Spurt. Various beats, melodic and noise/fx loops. Check here for more info. 11/27
SampleScience SR-202 kits
3.4 MB download
3 drum kits for Computer Music’s SR-202 plug-in (includes wav files so you can use them in your favorite sampler as well). More info here. 09/23
Funkybot 90 Claps
3.6 MB download
90 samples of claps, 24bit mono .wav files. More info here. 08/03
Bling My Zik loops collection
10.3 MB download
78 loops (mp3/128kbps, 10.3MB) by Bling My Zik, beats in various electronic music styles. Check this page for downloads of individual loops packs. 02/12
Reason Lahalla Rekkerd Pack
37.2 MB download
50 loops (37.2MB) by Reason Lahalla
(a few previews of individual loops available here).