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Looking for some new sounds? Here you’ll find a large collection of free drum samples, synth loops, found sounds, and lots more.

You can use the sounds in any musical context (including commercial), as long as you don’t redistribute or resell them as part of another sound library or virtual instrument. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

New Loops Label Sampler   Rekkerd

New Loops has released an exclusive Label Sampler pack featuring a selection of samples from its commercial sample packs. The free sampler includes a total...
Function Loops Rekkerd Sampler

Over the last few years, Function Loops and has released hundreds of sample packs and soundsets for various genres of EDM. Whether you're looking for...
Drum Depot Analog Rumble

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I am happy to announce the release of Analog Rumble, a free sample pack from our friends at Drum Depot, exclusively available from Rekkerd. Analog...

Over the years, Jason Beggs has released a lot of free sample libraries and Reaktor goodies as MrTheBigMan and Multiples. Since Jason's website is no...

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midierror has released OP-A Loops, a free sample pack featuring a collection of loops made with the OP-A multitimbral FM synthesizer shield for Arduino,...

It's been a few years since we did the last one, so I figured it is time for another sample remix contest! If it's your...

Midi Error has released FM Synths, a free sample pack featuring sounds from three classic FM synthesizers. Created on 3 classic FM synths, midierror resurrects...
Prism House Samples Vol.4

Prism House Samples Vol 4 is the fourth in a series of free sample packs featuring found sounds recorded by Brian Wenner of the...

Note: the deadline for this contest is extended to December 20th! In the process of making music I take inspiration from many things. One thing...
Delectable Records Deep Sub Tech

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Electronic music label and sample library production house Delectable Records is offering readers a chance to win the new Deep Sub Tech sample...
Prism House Samples Vol.3

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Prism House has introduced a third volume of free found sound samples. Prism House Samples Vol. 3 is a new collection of 80 found sound...
Fiea Rec SampleBank 001

DJ, producer and sound designer Olivier Sonnenberg aka Fiea Rec has released Samplebank 001, a collection of free loops. 8 Folders – 389 DrumLines and...
codec spurt Sacrificial Loops

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Codec_Spurt has released Sacrificial Loops, a free collection of samples. A selection of loops, one-shots, instruments, vocals and found sound. You can use these sounds in...
rekkerd sample remix contest 2013 03

Get your samplers ready, it's time for another sample remix contest! If you have previously participated in one of these contests you know the drill:...
Prism House Samples Vol. 2

Prism House has released a second volume of found sound samples. "Prism House Samples Vol. 2" is a new collection of 80 found sound samples...
Prism House Samples Vol1

Brian Wenner of Prism House wrote in to share his collection of recorded sounds: Prism House Samples Vol. 1. Prism House Samples Vol. 1 is...

Carl Löfgren of Fingerpushers and Plughugger has released Freon Surfer FZ, a free instrument based on the Freon Surfer preset of the Sonic Charge...

Ever since recording some sounds a few years ago, I've been meaning to take the trusty Zoom H2 for another round. I finally took...
samplescience OriginalBreakbeatPackVol1

SampleScience has updated the Original Breakbeat Pack Vol.1 sample pack, including new sounds and formats. Original Breakbeat Pack Vol.1 was originaly released in october 2008...

Noizefield has released a collection of Kontakt Instruments based on the sample pack provided for the recent Expectations sample remix contest. The Expectations Kontakt pack...
myoss dirtykit

Timur Arynov aka MyOSS has released the "Dirty Kit", a free drum sample pack for Native Instruments Battery. This drumkit was made using the MFB-522...
rekkerd expectations

I have been planning to do another music production contest for a while now, but moving house and having a new addition to the...
Waveformless Dune Spiceflow

Regular rekkerd readers will likely recognize the name Tom Shear. I frequently post links to Tom's excellent blog Waveformless, where he shares tons of...

Jacek Majer wrote in to let us know about some free samples he would like to share with readers: Jackie FX Bank. This pack...
DiskoUnkle DeepKicks

Fahad Anjum aka Disko Unkle has released Deep Kicks, a free collection of kick drum samples. This sample pack contains 30 kicks suitable for all...
Moving contest

As I am preparing to relocate my family to a new house this March, the subject of "moving" has been on my mind a...
Wave Alchemy

Our friends at Wave Alchemy have released a number of free sample packs, which are now available to download directly from Wave Alchemy is...

TeamDNR has recently released Ace.Animated, its second set of sounds for the virtual semi-modular synthesizer ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) by u-he. The library features no...
Rekkerd music contest Autumn 2010

I don't know which part of the world you are in, but here in the Netherlands the transition from summer to winter is clearly...

Dean (aka 'Nekro') wrote in to share a nice collection of acoustic drum samples, recorded a few years ago when Dean was working with...
rekkerd analogkickpack

The Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack is a free sample pack featuring the sounds of a small analog drum synthesizer, the Jomox MBase 01. I recorded...

I am delighted to announce a new contest. This time around it's all about Drum & Bass, probably my all time favorite music...
remix jose carlos cortizo perez

Some of you have been reminding me it has been way too long since the last sample remix contest, and you're right! If you are...
gummi bears

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Beats, basslines, synth melodies... This latest sample pack has them all. Mixed bag volume 2 features 26 samples, in 24bit/44kHz stereo wav format. The...
jelly beans

Time sure goes fast when you're having fun. Earlier this year I became a dad, quite possibly the coolest thing ever to happen in...
codec spurt rekkerd loops2

Codec_Spurt is back with another collection of loops. This time the pack features 57 samples in 24bit/44.1KHz stereo .wav format. Again mostly beats, but you'll...
Zoom H2

I recently recorded some everyday sounds with a little pocket recorder. For the recording I used the Zoom H2, a lovely compact digital recorder (review...
195409075 021a47deef b

It's been a while since I've done a pack of loops so I figured let me post one before the year is over. This collection...
codec spurt rekkerd loops

Codec_Spurt recently sent me a nice collection of loops. The pack features 32 samples in 24bit/44.1KHz stereo .wav format. Most of them are beats, but...
bcr samplescience

SampleScience of Brown Coffee Recordings has released three free drum kits for the CM SR-202, the drum sampler included with the Computer Music magazine...

It's been a while since I've released some loops so I figured this time I'd include the single shot samples in the download so...

Funkybot has released a free sample pack of clap samples. Funkybot writes: These were recorded last summer in a wood room (studio in Brooklyn) with either...
sample remix 2008

Sample remix contests are usually quite boring. Download a sample pack, create a track with the included samples and hope the guy running the...

It has been a bit busy lately, but I've managed to put up another pack of beats. They are more or less variations of the...

R-Beats Volume 1 is a collection of 340 original beats, suitable for various electronic music styles i.e. house, techno, idm, hiphop, etc. R-Beats delivers a...

This sample pack contains a bunch of 128bpm beats, suitable for electronic music. No-kick basically means the kick (bass drum) sound is missing or hi-pass...

The samples on this page are all from Bling My Zik. Download all the samples in one archive (10.3MB) below ... Bling My Zik loops collectionDownload...

I've uploaded another free sample pack for your pleasure. One sequence contains 10 melodic loops, all from the same sequence. The one sequence pattern in...

Here's another batch of samples, just in time for the holiday season. In this pack you will find a bunch of melodic loops. Organ, pads,...

The rekkerd free loops 07 pack has a theme: distortion. All these beats have some type of distortion effect applied to them. Some effects are...

1 comment
It's been a while since I posted some samples, so here's another mixed bag of beats and melodies, in various genres. Quite a few distorted...
brick game

MR 9999 is a Brick Game handheld. You know, those boring Tetris type games with the terrible blippy sounds which drive everyone who's not...

I've done another batch of beats, just in time before I go on a holiday later this week. The loops go from 80 to 170bpm...

1 comment
I always think beats/drums are more useful to people, but perhaps I'm wrong so I uploaded a few loops without beats, just melodic stuff....

This pack has 4 beats with some variations and fx applied for a total of 32 loops. They are free to use however you...

Producer and sound designer Reason Lahalla has released Rekkerd Pack, an exclusive pack of loops for The pack contains 3 types of drum...

So I got around reviving some older projects and decided to create a few loops and drop them in a separate pack (since they're...

Another pack of loops, but no drums or beats this time. The second loop pack contains 8 loops of bass, pads and lead sounds....

This month I decided to release a small pack of loops instead of separate files. The individual loops that I posted earlier are now...

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  • Laurent Liscia

    This is beautiful work, remarkably precise and inspired; and a great service to the creative community. Many thanks for the wonderful loops!

  • Nikolai

    Awsome work! :)

  • Tec

    these are really nice samples. i’m a starting DJ, and I visited a lot of websites like this, but these are the best one that I’ve heard.

    thnx a lot!

  • Brilliant. Can’t say it any clearer, except for maybe “bloody brilliant.”

  • deejay

    Inspiring work! please keep me updated.E-mail me anytime!

  • torsoliso

    maaaaaaaaaaaan, thank you ALL

    you guys kick ASS!!!!

  • redjacket


    Thx you guys, nice work!!! really!!

    Greetz to all music loving people

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  • floyd

    I need help. what are you using to create these samples? Keybord? What should I buy to do MAO and create my own samples? Thanks in advance, best regards

  • Hi Floyd,
    In short I’d say: FL Studio, one shot samples, VST instruments and effects. But of course you can use other hosts like Cubase or Ableton Live to create loops, and the specific samples, instruments and effects are not always the same. If you’re looking to create a certain style of beats I could perhaps email you some techniques you could use…

    p.s. I removed the comment that had your email address. We don’t want you to pick up spam or anything…

  • owtoo

    very nice, keep up the good work! love the sounds but some one shot samplepacks would be nice too, so you can create ur own drummlines. yours in noise

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  • Jay

    Hey man i love the samples and loops, and i had 1 question if i put the samples and loops together as a beat and give credit to u can the beat be used for an album? Thnx in advance for takin time out to respond to this

  • Hi Jay,
    You are free to use the samples for your music and I’d love to hear how you used them in your tracks.

  • Terry Burton

    Thank’s for the downloads, they will be very useful

  • John Mead

    Hey buddy thanks a bunch! these loops hve been a great deal of help for me! :D If u wanna check out some of the songs i’ve made with them goto

    would appeciate it if any1 checkede out. Thanks!

  • John Doe

    Dude, this is just great!
    Kuddo’s from Holland!

    Tnx a zillion!

  • Jonesy

    Thanx so much for these! You’re a true philanthropist….

  • charles watts

    the best packs,loops, sampler……..

  • fla lyf records

    appreciate what you are doing. keep up the good work.

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  • Muito obrigado!!!!!!!!!´

    Eu sou brasileiro, e agradeço a vocês

    Thank you all

  • cher

    awesome loops, thanks.

  • Thanks everybody. I’ll be posting some more loops very shortly.

  • hahaha

    Hey! All you no talent pretards, techno = disco, rap = karaoke, and loops means you suck so bad at music that you can’t even write a drumbeat… and that’s a fact, jack.


  • Why stop at bashing loops? Isn’t using samples to create a drumbeat just as bad? How about using instruments you can’t even play yourself.

    If you don’t like using loops fine, you are undoubtedly more musical than any of us out here (where can we listen to your original music anyway?), but please just move on and spend your time doing something more constructive than writing these type of pointless blog comments.

  • justin

    Truly awsome. Just starting out with this whole music production thing,cheap kit,cheap everything & you are a godsend!!! Thank you, i will remember you when i make my 1st Million!!

  • Kevin

    There’s never been any respect for electronica from real instrument playing musicians and there never will be any. It takes years of practice, theory, and experiementation to play an instrument, and the skills for electronica can be acquired in one hour, literally. So why do electronica click-n-mix people feel they deserve some form of respect from people who’ve put in years of effort? You deserve no respect, and that’s all that you’ll get because you have no real music skills without a computer. It’s like demanding respect as an artist because you’ve mastered using the clone stamp tool in photoshop.

  • Jason A. McCall (as Amused by “Kevin”)

    Haha, yeah, “Kevin,” you tell us, since you seem to know the score. Just like Yo Yo Ma has no musical talent without a cello, right? Just like Pavarotti was nothing without his singing voice? Just like Mozart and Beethoven were untalented hacks without their pianos and harpsichords and chamber orchestras and natural pitch recognition. Just like the Beatles were just another crappy band without Abbey Road and their effects pedals and all that. What a fascinatingly unenlightened view of music you hold. What do you think of that new fangled vulgarity being vomited in the streets of America these days–what’s it called–Jazz? Isn’t it obscene, all these operas being written today not in Italian? My goodness, who let all these girls into the church choir! And where’d all the eunuchs go? Here, let’s catch up you a bit–for one, post-modernism happened: anything that’s not nailed down is fair game. And consider what a “real” instrument is–it’s a pretty basic concept, maybe, being a self-appointed authority on the subject, you’re already familiar with it. An instrument is a physical object that makes a fairly reproduceable sound when told to make that sound. Very simple, no? It doesn’t matter if it’s a guitar, a piano, a flute, a drum, a voice, a keyboard synth, a metal triangle, or even a computer. Another, simpler word for instrument is “tool.” A computer is no more or less a “tool” for making a music than a piano. Which probably means that the person telling the computer what sounds to make is no more or less a true musician than the person telling the piano what sounds to make. Why, heck, there are even some trailblazing, cavalier souls out there who actually don’t discriminate, and use computers and more traditional instruments together in their compositions. What an amazing concept. My word.

    All music is pretty much just a form of math anyway, and instruments are glorified calculators. It’s only that we infuse it with our feeling and creativity that makes it so enjoyable to listen to, and to make. Any traditional instrument can sound more sterile and lifeless when played without passion than something that was made completely “in the box” with care and passion and creativity. Loops and samples only benefit the modern musician by opening doors to new possibilities and directions in our music; they don’t serve to limit those directions as you seem so content to do. While you do seem passionate about what you think music is and what it is not, it’s sad and pathetic you would choose to waste that passion pettily insulting others for choosing a different path from yours. You’d be better served making the music that feels right to you, and let that speak for itself–you’d certainly garner more respect for yourself that way. Since you don’t, it’s probably safe to assume your “true” music aspires to be mediocre. I guess we’ll never know.

    And really, is someone like Yo Yo Ma, greatest cellist on earth, even a real musician by your definition? After all the time and effort he put into mastering his instrument, all he does is play other people’s music. Either way, I’d feel secure to wager he’s a superior musician than you, and I know he’s far less arrogant and deluded about his own significance, or lackthereof.

  • Beatman

    Some people have a natural talent for playing instruments and don’t need years of intensive training and study. Those that do need it, are usually jealous of folks with the natural capabilities because things didn’t come so easily for them.

    You can tell the ones with formal training, that lack the natural ability to be musical and likely struggled for musicianship that comes easily for others. Formally trained musicians, are usually bitter in their comments and have a sense of superiority. You often see this in traditional Jazz musicians, that are often stuck up about purity of form, and feel other musical styles isn’t real music. Even variation’s of Jazz is crap to them.

    If you are some rocker, they wouldn’t consider your music as real either! I don’t do electronica, but I do listen to all forms of music which makes you more rounded as a musician. It takes skill to put together various unrelated musical elements and make them cohesive and interesting. What is the theory of music again?

    It’s funny how rap music was initially considered a fad, and was blasted by traditional musicians as being utter crap.

    A number of them made more money from rappers using samples of their music than they ever did on their own. It’s also funny how no other musical form has been saturated into mainstream tv and radio more than this style has. It’s also made a number of rappers into Movie stars, while you’re still wishing upon a star, with your formal training that hasn’t paid off, so you make these crank comments to heal your wounds!

  • Beatman

    Thanks Ronnie! Guess I was tripping as usual ^=^

  • techno_is_gay

    is everyone who does techno gay? there’s never any techno on the radio here in the usa, it seems to be a euro phenomenon, and even the mainstream media ridicule techno as some gay euro subculture. at&t (phone company) has an advert on tv with these “techno twins” dancing around with a ribbon stick that is used in girl’s floor gymnastics while dressed in the effete skin tight spandex, it’s funny as hell. check it out on youtube, just search for “techno twins.” it’s the perfect image of how the non-techno world views you.

    what’s even funnier, is the post here comparing a PC to a cello as an instrument, talk about gay. even carson kressley would say that’s gay. just like the turntable before it, the PC is NOT an instrument. i know you fags have delusions of adequacy, but to everyone else you’re just an object of ridicule.

  • Jason A. McCall (as Amused by “Kevin”)

    Haha, “Techno Is Gay” reminds me of the monkeys at the zoo. You know you shouldn’t feed them, but it’s just too funny the stupid things they do for attention. So I can’t help myself. I’ll toss one more peanut to him.

    That’s really the best you have, “Techno is Gay?” Someone presents you with a somewhat logical, thought-out argument in opposition to your opinion and your retort is to stoop to the lowest and least effective of non-sequitors, questioning someone’s sexual orientation to distract from the bitter fact that you have nothing worthwhile to contribute on the subject of music, or its creation. That’s really not even much of an insult in these modern times, unless you’re just a homophobic who spends his time hanging around with other homophobics in a desperate attempt to conceal your own latent homosexuality. I hope you can do better. In fact I challenge you to do better; I dare you to educate yourself, and return here armed not with weak insults but the weapon of knowledge, and dismantle every argument I laid out above about why a computer has every much right to be considered an instrument as a piano or a saxophone or the human voice. And if you can’t do that, then do please keep coming back here and embarrassing yourself anyhow. Because I do so love the entertainments of monkeys, and even moreso the entertainments of their lesser cousins, internet trolls.

  • Alright, trolling or no trolling, I’m done with this conversation about what exactly makes you competent in the world of music.

    This whole “you suck because you use computers instead of proper instruments debate” isn’t going to get resolved so let’s just concentrate on whether or not the free samples I provide here suck or not, okay?

    Also, can we please respect each other and refrain from rude and offensive language. I mean, if you have no respect for music created with computers, synthesizers, or what not that’s just fine, but there’s no need to go out and call people names.

    So again, please stop this off-topic discussion. I’ll be taking the liberty to delete further comments on this matter.

  • RunBeerRun

    Stop wrecking a good, useful site that I visit everyday.

    Sound is vibrations on your ear. I can make it work on many levels.

  • Hey, I know I’m late to this “party” and go ahead and delete this is you want, R., cause the guy is obviously a troll I’m just feeding, and we’ll never stop seeing this kind of yammering from 13 year-olds who just discovered bar chords and Nirvana records.


    Listen, Squirt, I’ve been playing instruments since probably before your parents were old enough to date. And, of course, as a musician my ears are always open to the music that can be found in unlikely places, be it a bar band bashing through the 800th take of Mustang Sally or the train rolling through the intersection near my house.

    Sound collage has been with modern music as long as there were devices that allowed for it. Loops are merely the advent of it for a popular audience, like every other aspect of music tech these days.

    Everyone always talks about the dude who “slaps together a few loops” and calls it a song, but has anyone actually met this guy? And be that as it may, you know, it’s actually harder than it sounds. Go ahead, write 12 good and interesting pieces of music using nothing but loops.

    Mediocrity will be with us always, regardless of the technology with which it is propagated. Take, for example, your comment.

  • genie

    commented on Jan 02, 2009There’s never been any respect for electronica from real instrument playing musicians and there never will be any. It takes years of practice, theory, and experiementation to play an instrument, and the skills for electronica can be acquired in one hour, literally. So why do electronica click-n-mix people feel they deserve some form of respect from people who’ve put in years of effort? You deserve no respect, and that’s all that you’ll get because you have no real music skills without a computer. It’s like demanding respect as an artist because you’ve mastered using the clone stamp tool in photoshop”

    its called evolution just like Herbie Hancock decided to play an Electronic Piano then a Synth, same with Roy Ayres and using midi; both of which highly skilled musicians.

    Think about it if Mozart was around today do you honestly think he wouldn’t use a computer to compose, arrange and try out ideas with.

    Sorry buddy but this looks like sour grapes to me… and if it really is that easy lets have a link to something you’ve thrown together after a couple of hours

  • Old Europe

    C’est incroyable comment vous, Américains, avez pu devenir aussi stupides au point de ne plus vous en apercevoir…
    Certains commentaires relevés ici sont vraiment affligeants et montrent bien à quel point votre prétendue “civilisation” est tombée bien bas. Il est temps pour vous de réapprendre à ouvrir les yeux et voir le monde tel qu’il est.

    En tous cas, merci Ronnie pour les boucles qui sont de très bonne facture !

    “Euro subculture”

  • indigocat

    What I would very much like is a variety of screams (voice screams).

  • Hi indigocat, I’m not likely to record screams any time soon so perhaps you could check here:

  • Justin Linker

    Thank you! I just began producing hip-hop with FL Studio, and I’m still learning myself how to make loops, these really give me alot of pointers. I appreciate this.

  • dertt

    These “classicists” do realise that most of their favourite artists work with computers to record, sample and sequence, right? And that most contemporary “musicians” entrust their recordings to producers who WORK WITH COMPUTERS, right?
    They have heard of MIDI technology, right? They do in fact know that computers can utilise it to LITERALLY BECOME instruments, right?
    Do they realise that just because someone makes electronic music, it does not mean that they lack musical talent, and that most [good] electronic artists CREATE THE SAMPLES THEMSELVES?
    The only thing annoying about the advent of music production software is all of the 13-year-olds who pick up Frooty Loops and think that makes them a producer.

    Anyway, Ronnie, thanks for posting these. It’s always good to have one-shots and multisamples in case I decide to do some programming.
    I haven’t used pre-made loops in a while, though. I’m mostly working with traditional musicians these days, as a producer.

  • dertt

    Also, I know an incredibly talented neoclassical composer who works mainly with Finale… which is a COMPUTER PROGRAM.

    k I’m done.

  • Nibotronick

    Great, great work- Many thanks for your free work, its a pleasure do make music and involving samples- your samples ! – i use WaveTransit to play them by the way, do you know a better wave player on the web music world ?…tell me if it’s the case. Salutations à toi “Sample Master” Merci beaucoup

  • Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate. I will be adding some new samples soon.

    @Nibotronick, I don’t know WaveTransit. How are you using the samples?

  • Nibotronic

    Hello Ronnie, well, WaveTransit it’s a VSTi wave-player from KVR ( thats allowed me to play samples and, i use them, as the main melodic structure on some of my compositions…clear ?? Hope so ! Best wishes and peace on Hearth.

  • I see, it’s WavTransit ^_^
    Looks like a pretty good wav player to me.

    I use FL Studio’s sampler channels, Ableton’s drum/instrument racks, Kontakt, RMV, and a host of other things to load wav, but no specific wav player really…

  • Nibotronic

    Hi Ronnie: well i use MAGIX midi-studio 2006 DeLuxe and there is no sampler channels on it .The only sampler “inside” is the famous SampleTank II se , but no way to load wav samples.Sample Tank its a sound font player, so I use Magix as a host for my VST instruments and one of them, is WavTransit i’m gonna leave you the right web adress in case people ——– by the way, have you in mind, to realise some vocal samples in the future ???? Virtual Hug to you

  • @Nibotronic, no vocals I’m afraid…

  • Nekro

    Personaly i have been playing the guitar for many years (14-years plus now), but i have the upmost respect for other musicians whether they also play a physical instrument or use a computer as an instrument. I am rubish at synthesis and not affraid to admit it, so when i work with a great synth programmer and performer it is as equally satisfying as jamming with a great drummer. I just do not discriminate. Metal is my bag, always has been. I also am an audio engineer which pays the bills and the guitar is my first love and always will be and jamming with people live is as good as it gets. I use Ableton Live as my composing and inspirational environment and Pro Tools for all my editing and mixing duties. If i am engineering/tracking somebody else/a band then its straight into Pro Tools. I know many electronic based musicians also and you know something we all co-exist and get on really well. Elitism has no place in music or anywhere in life actually and those whom are part of it are pathetic and i have more respect for the 13-year old kid whom has just got themselves a copy of FL Studio to be honest.
    Products which are sample based and/or synthesis based are as equally great as whatever they maybe sampled from or creating something impossible in the phsyical world via synthesis. I really can not understand those whom belittle one over the other. They are but mere tools for us all to use and do so how we please. I know that i for one would have a much tougher time of it without certain software samplers, ROMplers and applications

    Live and let live i say and fuck off to those whom beg to differ

    Thanks for all the much appreciated resources Ronnie


    • Kevin Naicker


  • Nibotronic

    Snif…snif…! That’s ok ! I’ll be waiting for your new stuf —We’ll be in touch—Virtual hug.

  • Thanks a lot man, it’s very interesting.

  • thank you very much :)

  • Al


    I have played bass since I was 14, which is more years than I’d care to admit.

    First of, thank you for sharing your loops and spreading the joy of music creation and apreciation.

    Just wanted to share my take on this whole debate….

    Music touches people at a very deep level. It doesn’t take a phd to appreciate music. That is why even new born children react to music, and it is prevalent in one form or another in every culture.

    It is this emotional level in the audience that musicians strive to touch. From the listener’s point of view, it doesn’t make much difference (in order to enjoy the music) whether the beat they’re listening to was put together on the computer or on a 20 piece acoustic kit. If it is well done, the difference is bloody impossible to tell anyways!!!

    If you can touch the soul of the audience, even for one fleeting moment, that’s your reward right there. To me, that’s what makes a musician, not the talent to play an instrument, but the ability to touch souls musically.

    The rest is just about ego.


      Bingo . we have a 4 years old jackpot right here

  • DonaldCutoff

    thanx a lot rekkerd
    u have helped me and a lot of other people like
    me with loops and vst instruments
    thanx for making our life more enjoyable

  • Cédric

    Hi from France !

    Rare and unique Collections and Works…
    …as so plugs and samples.
    … FREE …
    first time I camed was to find news and originals sounds ,
    it is maybe since 3 years …

    To find others Loops , smooth , real instrument , kit , strange , dark , cool , ambiant , etc.. etc..

    this place is a pure Source for each one who wants to create ,
    creating is one of the best we can do ,
    To change our own perception of the world.

    to build a better quality of our life ,
    to go in a better way .

    …Your Creations ,
    your Work ,
    your Patience ,
    the evolutions of the site ,

    Just One word :

    Amazing !

    …. I would be Please to send some sounds contributions .

    Kidjazz ,
    Tourbillons ,
    Mad Nomad ,

  • Artie Mitnick

    What’s with those so called “free loops” that cannot be used in commercial productions,
    without contacting the guy who made them.
    To “discuss the details” like i read.
    That is so pathetic.

    It makes those loops and samples worthless.
    Cause the untalented hack who threw them together, the one that cannot produce his own hit record, is like waiting for a handout.
    In case somebody gets lucky and publishes something that includes those samples.

    It’s a given that somebody who creates loops and samples, doesn’t want to see them on any other sample CD, or collection like that.
    That somebody else might say “I made those samples”.

    But as far as using those samples in a song, including commercial products…
    Like I said, if somebody is waiting for a handout, samples are worthless.

    I like to make beats with my Sonic Charge µTonic.
    It’s really easy to have that thing create wav’s with the loops too, instead of just working on a MIDI level.
    And I thought “man, I could upload some of them somewhere”, let other people use them.
    Why not?

    I would be pissed if I find them on a sample CD.
    That’s for sure.

    But as far as commercial songs…
    I would tell the people “have at it”, “try your luck”.
    Cause I know there is a friggin difference between a loop, and a hit record.
    Maybe a loop or a sample can spark something, can inspire an artist to go in a certain direction.
    But by no means I would claim any ownership on a recording, just because it has a sample of mine.
    Not even if the whole recording builds up on that one loop.
    If I made it, and didn’t realize any potential, I can’t complain if somebody else turns it into a hit.

    “If you want to use it in a commercial record, call me to discuss the details” (drool!).
    That is pathetic loser thinking that just ruins it for everybody.
    There is no gain happening from it anyway.
    I would just recreate the loop with my gear.
    And then? Duh!!!

  • Jason A. McCall

    That’s an interesting viewpoint, Artie, but I think you entirely misjudge the reason for the minor limitations imposed on the usage. Consider that the “untalented hack” composed and performed his loops, and if those loops were used as the basis for someone else’s work, or “inspired” it as you say, then that “hack” has collaborated in the composition and the performance of the musical material, and in fairness should be credited for his contribution, whether he provided it freely or not. Wouldn’t you want at least a little thank you and recognition if something you put work into helped someone else make a great record?

    There’s also the issue that if multiple artists, especially those with corporate backing with dedicated legal departments, use these samples and loops in their works, there could arise great confusion and legal messes if one accuses another of stealing elements of the music. And there have been large, large lawsuits over much less in that industry…

    So I don’t think it’s an issue of waiting for a handout as you say so much as it is simply a matter of maintaining in clear terms that his rights as owner of his intellectual property are observed, particularly by those who can most afford to abuse them. And if perhaps the situation does merit some compensation, say if a lot of his material was being used, why shouldn’t he have the right to leave that door open for himself?

    And anyhow, you say you’d be mad if your samples and loops wound up being sold on someone else’s sample CDs, with no compensation coming your way; wouldn’t you have a gripe with someone who used a bunch of your samples and loops in a song that made them a lump of money? Not all music has to be “hit” popular songs to make money either–television, film and game scoring are pretty big economic avenues for composers and musicians, for example.

    Just points to consider before you accuse someone of being some kind of greed mongering sample grinch for wanting to know what his work is being used in, that’s all.

  • Jason A. McCall

    Oh, sorry for double post, but just to clarify that yes it would be absurd for someone to claim ownership over an entire work on the basis that one sample or loop was used in it, but it’s still important I think to acknowledge the contribution.

  • Artie Mitnick

    The example with the sample CD is about, other people claiming they created those samples.
    It’s not that hard to understand.


    If I would make 100 loops, and put them on the net for everybody to use, for free…
    I would not expect any financial profit from it.
    Believe it or not.
    If somebody makes a hit and money, based on one of my loops, good for him.
    Cause I know, it’s a long way from a loop, to profitable recordings.

    Nobody needs material from the sample Grinch, that has all kinds of Indian giver rules attached to it.
    Those samples are worthless. W-O-R-T-H-L-E-S-S!

    Making the samples really(!) free, is about giving the average user peace of mind when they put it in their material.
    It is about those 1000 users who won’t have a hit.
    It’s about telling those guys “I don’t have a lawyer waiting for you, just in case”.
    It’s not even about the one genius, who comes up with great material.

    My samples would be either completely free, or I would never put them out there.

    There are a lot of freeware VSTi available (we all know them, they all sound terrible).
    The guys who produce those freeware VSTi put a lot of more time into it, than somebody who records a few samples.
    They don’t expect to see any money, if their instruments should be used on a commercial recording.

    I’d like to put loops out there.
    Without any delusional claims attached, so the average people can use them with peace of mind.
    And why? Because I’m such a good person? No!
    I would get a kick out of it, if people found my material useful. If they would ask “when is the next batch coming”?

    Talking about the freeware VSTi that all sound terrible.
    Wouldn’t it be easier if people took sample material, and released freeware sample players?
    Make freeware VSTi ROMplers?
    This way, the developers wouldn’t have to invent the synthesizer new, something that isn’t going to happen anyway.
    And the final product should sound much better, hence be really useful.
    With much less work, than a newly created VSTi.

  • Thanks guys for your comments. Even yours Artie, as you make me reconsider the “license” I distribute these samples under.

    I’ll just try and explain a few things.

    – The samples I’m offering are free for non-commercial use. This is about those 1,000 users who won’t have a hit you’re talking about. I offer these samples because I want people to have some resources to make music, to have some fun, free of cost. I am not expecting anything in return, I just hope people will enjoy the samples as much as I did creating them.
    – For commercial work, I merely request that you contact me for details. Now you know nothing about these details, so I don’t understand how you just assume I am waiting for a handout. I simply like to get into contact with people who might end up using my samples in their commercial products. Yes I do have some conditions, but those have nothing to do with hit records, royalties, or claiming ownership on a recording and whatnot. Please don’t assume things, just ask if you want to know.
    – My samples are not to replace the things you can do on your own. If you want to create your own beats with µTonic, great. If you like my melodies but you don’t feel comfortable using the samples, sure, you can reproduce them with your own gear, great! You don’t need to use my loops so there’s no issue here.

    Please be assured that the samples I offer are for everyone. Like Jason said, I’m just trying to provide you with some clear terms.

    Perhaps the terms aren’t clear enough, and a simple “please contact me for details” doesn’t cut it (although some people seem to understand since I have had some requests for commercial use) so I will consider rewriting the terms.

    I originally wanted to offer everything under a Creative Commons license (like I do with my music) but when I last checked the licenses for sampling I couldn’t find one that worked for me. I will check again.

    Oh and Artie, I encourage you to share your work. If you would like to put out some loops I wouldn’t mind hosting them for you.

    One more thing, the “freeware VSTi that all sound terrible”… Yes there’s a lot of garbage out there, but you are seriously missing out if you think everything sucks.

    Here’s a pack of lovely virtual synths that just came out: Elektrostudio Analog Pack.

  • Artie Mitnick

    It’s not a greedy everything for free culture that I’m defending here.

    But the vague mentioning of discussing details, implies for me a blatant “and then some”.
    From my experience with lawyers I know that wording is important, when the issue becomes important.
    And a vague phrasing always leaves the other side with the short end of the stick.
    A statement like “I would never”, or “I’m not waiting for a handout” is meaningless untill money comes into the issue and an actual reaction can be observed.

    The license has to be detailed and unmistakably worded, for the samples, to deserve the label “Free”.
    I don’t know why this got me all riled up, maybe because I’ve seen gypsy licenses like that too many times on the net.
    Some poor sap might find the pot of gold using samples that were declared free, just to find himself having to defend his product.

    I would never want to find loops of mine on a sampling CD, or collection like that. …maybe even those people slapping their copyright on my work.
    That would be like asking for trouble.

    But if a musician makes a song and money…
    Good for him, more power to him. It was his creativity and his situation that made it possible.
    It’s like seeing somebody on a game show winning a million dollars and saying “I could have done that”.
    Ya well, duh. Could have, but I was never in that situation, so it’s absolutely meaningless.

    This is a website for musicians. And some of them might actually have a situation where a monetary payment takes place. However big or small that might be.
    If samples are not clearly licensed to be used even in commercial songs, without any follow-up compensation,
    they are worthless. Hence it is a disservice for the community.
    This is not or where it doesn’t matter.

    There are professional sampling CDs/DVDs, and some of them are really useful. Specially for Electronic, House, Techno, Rap…
    There is so much material being produced, and all the remixes.
    Amateurs, DJs, Professionals, they all can profit from those samples.
    BTW, in electronic music, the latest of those sampling compilations can be an indicator where the trend is going.
    They cost around 100$ a piece. Some might say that’s a lot.
    But if the license states, that everything has been paid for, even when it comes to commercial songs, it can be a good deal.
    Depending on how good the samples are.
    If the license of those CD/DVD sampling compilations contain any vague shenanigans, they are dirt, don’t touch them.

    These days aspiring musicians have to consider the legal part of their actions, maybe even more so, than in the past.
    cause today there is MySpace Music and whatnot.
    Creative products can be made public in no time.
    And if the whole thing is not waterproof, they can find themselves in trouble. Even before they can profit from anything.

    Talking about, giving away samples, and MySpace Music…
    Electronic musicians can give away samples, and advertise their MySpace Music page. That would be a possibility.
    Everybody who can think, knows that a MySpace page is like a phone number. If nobody knows it, you’re gonna be waiting a long time.
    An idea.

    About the Freeware VSTi.

    I’ve tried so many of them, must have been at least 100, it’s easy, just throw the DLL on your system, and you’re ready to go. I’m sure i have not missed anything!
    I liked the idea of giving musicians “all these possibilities”.
    But almost all of them sound pathetic. No wait, they’re beyond pathetic.
    They’re not in the same league as commercial VSTi. Commercial VSTi are like in another universe.
    If I have to hear the same whiny, thin sound, from a freeware VSTi again….
    And why do they all sound alike? Cause they’re all have been clicked together with kits like SynthMaker.
    I have yet to hear a good filter (24db my a–).

    If it’s not a professional company, giving away one of their older VSTi, you might as well forget it.
    Now that is something to recommend. Don’t settle for less.

    If you’re a beginner you might lose interest, or think you have no talent.
    Just because of some crap.
    If something is worthless, it has no value, even if it’s free.

    Commercial VSTi have a standard that the freeware stuff can’t even touch.
    Native Instruments and Arturia to name a few.
    And I’m not talking about those VSTi that are complicated like a science project.
    Their remodeled Prophet 5 or FM Synthesizer… Those are real instruments.
    If you’re looking for a complete set to make electronic music, check out D16 Group’s website. It’s all there.
    Do you think your drum loops sound boring? Have them go through D16’s Devastor, and discover them again.
    Or my fave when it comes to synthetic drum machines,
    Sonic Charge’s µTonic.

    All that stuff is so beyond freeware it’s crazy.

    I’m always curious when it comes to sound and stuff.
    So I will check out Elektrostudio’s “Big Bag of Free”.
    Their GUI looks so nice…
    But I can already hear the thin sound of horror.

  • Artie, while I don’t agree with you completely, I will seriously consider using another type of license, perhaps Creative Commons BY, and clearly outline the additional conditions on this page, so that nobody needs to worry about a thing.

  • Scruz

    Hey Ronnie, been a while. I’m just wondering why you’re letting Artie get to you, thought you’re being very level-headed imo. I’ve one thing for Artie – have *you* ever released anything as freeware? like you said, wording is important when it comes to these kind of things. I don’t know why you’re so vitriolic about Ronnie’s terms. If you want the samples and loops, download them. If not, go elsewhere. Bashing someone simply because you don’t agree with their way of doing things seems childish to my mind. Maybe i’m wrong. I’ve no desire to be offensive, but you are being offensive. Your tone doesn’t seem ‘advisey’, but demanding. Ronnie doesn’t have to look at the world through your glasses. Our different viewpoints make us unique, and this world a colorful place.
    Ronnie, you don’t have to relicense your loops and samples simply because of Artie. If you do review the terms, please let it be because you felt it would make things better.
    Artie, please consider how you might be making Ronnie and other people feel. Even if you do have a point, your way of putting it across wins you no friends. You do “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.
    There, i’m done with my two cents.

  • Artie Mitnick

    If I wouldn’t have a point, those posts would be gone already.

    And now I want to let Ronnie(?) know that it’s fine with me to delete those posts.
    I don’t want to create a ruckus, or rain on anyone’s parade.
    It’s up to Ronnie if there was anything to take from.

    I think the freeware VSTi part has some information, valid for readers.
    Like the free “Proteus VX” is a good instrument to get started with.
    I stand by my opinion that 99,99% of all freeware VSTi are a waste.

    If Ronnie wants to delete my posts including this one, I would repost a slightly toned down version of the freeware VSTi part.

  • Jason A. McCall

    I would say 99.99% of opinions stating that 99.99% of something is some descriptor of some subjective conclusion are rooted 100% in prejudice and ignorance, and aimed more at grabbing attention for the opiner than offering an insightful perspective on the subject to those the opinion is shared with…

    Ah, I’m just being facetious; nothing wrong with having an opinion, no matter how exaggeratedly expressed. But it’s helpful to consider that sometimes a more diplomatic voice can help make the audience more receptive to one’s message.

    As for crummy sounding free VSTi, my experience has been, though I admit rather limited, that beefier commercial synths only sound beefier because they have lots internal delay, chorus and reverb effects beefing up those patches. Even the cheesiest little freeware synth can sound pretty cool when you run it through some combination of an amp sim, delay, eq and verb and other such plugs. And look at the late Tim Conrardy’s legacy–uber talented sound designer who created all sorts of great presets in the commercial domain, but also contributed a lot of his efforts to a lot of those “lesser” freeware synths. It’s hard to imagine someone that talented wasting their time like that if those synths really were a “waste.” Which also makes me wonder, at least when talking about commercial synths, are you talking about the synth itself, or the presets. Would a commercial synth by as invaluable without the presets it ships with–I suppose to someone who has the patience and skill for the sound designing, then yes; but for someone who just relies on the presets, then probably no.

    As for Vsti samplers/romplers, the quality and useability of the samples is just as subjective. Opinions vary. And a beginner who spends money on some commercial product might as easily lose interest, and then be out the money to boot, which is even less desirable a situation, especially if the company that made them doesn’t allow license transfers and all that. Besides, people spend hundreds of dollars on real guitars and pianos and other equipment and lose interest, so it’s not like monetary investment in it necessarily begets commitment to it. To me, pushing commercial products on a beginner just seems at best irresponsible and at worst elitist and dishonest. It’s like saying if little Jane wanted to learn to play guitar, she could learn from her uncle who plays in some mediocre cover band, but if she wanted to be a real musician she’d spend a hundred thousand dollars to get a top end guitar and to be trained in some European music academy by classical guitar masters, because otherwise she might have a crappy experience playing on her uncle’s old, beat up Ibanez acoustic and her uncle might be only capable of teaching her basic technique and that she might get frustrated and just give up. If Janey has real skill and real desire, it won’t matter what she uses, she’ll be a musician.

    But really, why even waste time debating it… no one makes you use those free synths and samplers if you don’t want to, unless someone’s being a jerk and threatening to kill your family unless you use some ancient synthedit vsti in all your tracks, with all those old ugly gui graphics and clumsy knobs and multicore crashes… and ultra nasaly sawtooths. Wouldn’t you be better just directing that energy into your favorite payware, and just making the musics?

  • The free samples are now available under a Creative Commons license. This actually means that there now is a more formal requirement of attribution, so I’m sure people who want to use the samples in a commercial project will contact me regardless.

    Hopefully this license is more clear for everyone. Take it or leave it! ^_^

    Hopefully many people will still have fun with these samples, that was the whole idea anyway…

  • nannO

    Thx for the sample´s im going to check them out rightnow..;)


    Yhe man double ups on the sample packages, much love.


  • Producer’s can never have enough drums, loops, and sounds so I just downloaded your entire sample archive….excellent work!

    Good looking out bro.

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  • Guiness

    Words cannot describe how thankful I am and others who have found your gifts to create the music we love. Respect


  • Tiësto

    This is worth. I’ll download it later on.

  • Tom

    Very cool of you to put these out there for us – thank you! I’m thinking about switching from eight-track recording to computer recording. I asked on another forum about the difference between Frooty Loops and Cubase and was told that Cubase is recording software and Frooty Loops is not? I’m looking for something that would enable me to sell some of my stuff like drum machines, vocal processors, etc. to finance it. If anyone happens to know, please post and I shall appreciate it greatly – thanks!


  • Hi Tom, you’re very welcome. I hope you will enjoy the samples.

    Here’s a list of digital audio workstation software you could consider:

    FL Studio (also called Fruity Loops) is a capable software program for doing music. I use the Producer Edition myself and there isn’t anything I find lacking. Just check demo versions of these products and see what you like best. In case you end up going for FL Studio you can get 10% discount on it with this promo link for new customers.

  • Nekro

    Tom – Well moving from tape to hard disk when i did was not as overwhelming as it is these days (basically i took a couple of Pro Tools officiall course’s up to and including 210, got some certificates and that was that and i still use Pro Tools today although much differently than the official training way mind lol. I find it (PT) to be the most like a decent multi-track tape machine with an easily layed out console for mixing/tracking with + lots of additional tools and editing godsends that i now take for granted!). There are so many DAW applications available that i can see it being very confusing indeed and especially when given false information like ‘FL Studio can not record audio’ (it can) for example. I think your best option(s) is to demo if possible all the possible candidates and spend time time with each until you have a definative shortlist. Then with that shortlist really put in alot of effort and time with the remaining apps and then you will know hopefully which suits your needs and style of workflow best before shelling out money for something you are not sure about. Cockos’s REAPER is worth a look for the sheer value for money factor alone and the demo is 100% uncrippled also.

    Good luck going ITB Tom and i hope you find what your looking for with the least amount headaches and head scratching possible :)

    BTW: KVR Audio is along with rekkord a very great resource and the forums full of help/advice…etc. on every sort of audio related topic imaginable and it is Free :)

    If you are ever around on KVR forums – i go under the name “NEKRO.MACHINE”. The communtiy is very good indeed, and you are free to ask anything at all audio related and on the most part you really will get genuinely sound and very decent advice.


    PS: thanks for the resources, news and reviews @ Ronnie – all the best to you and take care man.

  • excellent work!! Godbless an succeass ! from Kenya

  • Poppa!

    I can’t DL any of the files, this server does not support resuming and speed is so low that it gets dropped every now and then. So what’ sthe point of sharing these? If Bandwidth is your concern why not use mediafire free hosting instead?

  • @Poppa, are you using a download manager? Those don’t work well I’m afraid. I will look into setting up a different system for the downloads soon (one that will allow resume). Sorry for the hassle.

    In the meantime I’ve changed a setting that should allow resuming downloads.

  • Poppa!

    Thanks. Great to see you really care. Now I’ll check what’s the big deal with these samples everyone was telling me about… ;-)

  • Poppa!

    Yes I understand why people were praising. I’ll contact you if I use any of these commercially.

  • Thanks Poppa, hope you will find the samples useful.

  • Tom

    A very belated thank you for all the good information on the post about DAWs – I was in a wild-ass car accident and have been laid up for quite awhile but I’m home and anxious to get well enough to record again. Before that, I did download the demo of Fruity Loops but I was having trouble (not the product, I think, but my own inabilities). I’ll try again and thank you for the promo code!

  • Tunji Akanbi

    Your samples are fantastic, thanks for making them available and free, I’m using 078 tikiclap 02, 084 underwater 01 and 118 shutterbeat 01 on a song I’m working on in live. Would love to share when I get done. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

  • Ethan

    @ Sample bashers:

    I’m a skilled drummer, but by no means does that mean I don’t have respect for sampling! It’s just another trick in the bag. We all love Daft Punk, right? They sampled all the time. People have even picked out what songs they sampled from!

  • Easy D


    big ups to you. you are doing great work.

    Your constructive and neutral approach in the face of all the trolling is admirable.

    Keep in mind those who troll the hardest aren’t really saying anything of substance about other people , just themselves.

    Secure people don’t need to diss on others. Only insecure and bitter people do that. For every post they make they should put their money where their mouth is and include a link to their music. Established artists are too busy enjoying their craft to go around hating on other people. Not hanging around forums and blogs trying to stir things up because they are discontented with their lack of success and try to feel superior by putting others down.

    Anything that allows people to express and enjoy music is a great thing regardless of the result. Your samples case in point.

    Keep up the good work.
    Easy D

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  • didasteld

    Thanks for the loops if I sort a good track from the confusion of such abundance I will post you. Other than that you will find the end results on the Looperman website.

  • C3SAR


    SEE YOU…

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  • Karl37

    Truely awesome what you guys do…really. im new to this music production and was gettin bored with my default samples….till i found this site. Stunning!!

  • ancelfadoff

    Can you imagine life without pain? If not, this medication will turn your world upside down! That’s what i want to say here.

  • nem-brazil

    thank you so much

  • Nen_arts

    brazil so happy…
    thank you!

  • Nosfferin

    2 thoots dj… mexico thank you.

  • rudymel

    WEW!! Im glad theres a guy like you.^^

  • Kstylemusic

    Thanks……………. Love ya’ll at Rekkered

  • Djsoze26

    Thank you and I know I will enjoy these

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  • max

    thank you so much!

  • Duhnn

    Thnx mate

  • collins osei-poku

    Wow! you guys have really made my day. God bless the website owner as well as all the contributors here.

  • richy

    kisiera qeu bajen efectos para mix

  • John Tammena

    Fantastic job, I am am really grateful. Keep it up!

  • John Tammena

    Fantastic job, I am am really grateful. Keep it up!

  • thanks for sharing this! I will have a look and maybe use it as well.

  • Fabio Fuso

    Posso usare i vostri loop x creare una traccia e poi mandarla ad una label?

    • Hi Fabio, you can use them as long as you attribute the use.

  • askkkk

    how to use in fl

    • You need to extract the samples first, then you can just use them in a sampler channel or drop them in the playlist.

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