Bram Bos Monostudio, digital effects suite for Korg Monotron

Bram Bos Monostudio

Bram Bos has released Monostudio, a realtime effects processor with built-in vintage drumcomputer.

Monostudio enriches the sonic palette of the already extremely versatile Korg Monotron analogue ribbon synthesizer. It allows you to easily record your jamming to wave-files, adds a classic drumcomputer (inspired by the vintage Korg Minipops) and spices up the sound with tempo-synced digital effects.

Monostudio uses ASIO and highly optimized signal processing to give you realtime, ultra low-latency effects processing.

Whether you’re sound designing or just noodling around, Monostudio adds to the funfactor of your Korg Monotron.

Monostudio features

  • Works with any microphone or audio input port.
  • Adds distortion, stereo delay and tempo-sync gatemasking.
  • Includes drumcomputer based on the vintage Korg Minipops drum machines.
  • Records your jams to WAV.
  • Uses ASIO for ultra-low latency audio processing.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Monostudio is available as a free download for Windows PC, donations are much appreciated.

More information: Bram Bos / Monostudio


KVR DC: Bram Bos Lunchbox Battles

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Bram Bos Lunchbox Battles v1.0

Bram BosLunchbox Battles is a standalone drumcomputer created for live jamming on any PC and according to the startup screen it’s “the best waste of time since Minesweeper”.

Right! This is one addictive little music toy indeed. Lunchbox Battles is all about having fun while creating some cool loops and it’s easy to use as well.

Lunchbox Battles is fairly straightforward and intuitive but before you start, make sure to pop up the ‘Show Keys’ from the ‘Help’ menu to find out how to control everything. Recording the beats is simply done by pressing keys on your keyboard. The amount of bars can be set and a variety of drum/sound kits is readily available. Furthermore, several grooves can be selected to set the right feel to your beat and individual sounds can be muted if have too much going on.

There are 5 effects available to spice up your sound, of which 3 are only available in realtime mode: Robotize, Rec-N-Rev and Flange. The Delay and Overdrive effects will be included when you export to .wav format.

Lunchbox beats can be saved/loaded, and besides export to .wav you can also export to MIDI format.

Check these 3 exported .wav sound clips to hear type of beats you can create with Lunchbox. (yes I wasted time creating them at work and I didn’t even need to use the ‘Boss’ key!)

If you get bored with the 6 included drum kits you can just add your own kits and waste more hours with this great drumcomputer!

Check the KVR Developer Challenge page for a link to download Lunchbox Battles and start jamming!


Bram Bos releases Tunafish v1.2

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Bram Bos Tunafish

Tunafish is a low-cost, lightweight sequencer that’s as simple as possible yet with the versatility of a big sequencer. Stripped of confusing, exotic bells & whistles, focusing on what’s essential and fun.

Key features

  • VST 2.3 compatible host for instruments and effects
  • Single window interface, modeled after the successful Hammerhead formula
  • Built-in sample/drum sequencer
  • Use your own WAVs as samples
  • An easy alternative to complex, bloated sequencers
  • Easy Midi-learn function for use with Midi-controllers, and Midi-input
  • Internal 32 bit audio processing engine with various built-in FX
  • Export to high quality WAV, MP3 or RealMusic (MP3 ringtone) files
  • Import and export of Midi (.mid) files
  • Use the PC-keyboard for triggering notes

New in version 1.2

  • MP3 export (192, 224 and 320 Kbps)
  • Midi-learn for tweaking parameters using external Midi-gear
  • Very basic Midi-input recording
  • Internal Midi-routing, for use with VST-midi plugins (e.g. Chordspace)
  • Trigger notes using the PC-keyboard or the on-screen keyboard
  • Various bugfixes and fixes for “misbehaving” plugins

Check Bram Bos’ website for more information and a link to download the demo.